Starting to ….

Feeling like I’m wandering, aimlessly, just biding time ….

Out here, alone, making my own way, doing my own thing ….

Carrying the load again, just watching and waiting to be taken ….

Image result for drifting at sea

Drifting …. not belonging

I’m starting to feel responsible for my own way, my own issues and my own heart. I’m getting bottled up, I don’t like it Sir!

The little things I’ve asked of you are the things that keep me balanced. I feel like I am following through with all the things that keep you feeling fulfilled and balanced and like yourself, but I’m running out of steam Sir …

Maybe you don’t need the little things I’ve asked for to keep you feeling in control, but I do. I need something …. what that something is, that’s up to you but I am starting to feel defeated in this.

I don’t want to push your buttons or get into trouble to feel a stronger hold, that’s not my style but I do need to feel you in some way …. I don’t have issues, I don’t get stressed, I don’t need hand holding so outside of the small rituals I feel like I’m getting nothing. You’ve taken most of them away ….

I don’t want to belong to myself, I want to be owned by you ….. Help please? I was my own for too long, I need to rest now …

Image result for dominant and submissive

Love You Sir ❤

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