Feisty bunny … ready or not!

Feeling a bit feisty today Sir, feeling a bit wound …. ??

Getting close to that ‘time’ and it always seems to make me more wanting. I guess I get a little squirrelly in the head, not a good state for a good little bunny! 😉  lol

Image result for wound up I can’t lie, I do enjoy the playful teasing and ‘poking the Bear’. That is one thing that has definitely changed since we started this … whatever it is … thing.

I know you will put me in my place if I over step and you know that I’m only teasing in fun and will stop if you don’t like it, no confusion, no misunderstanding!

The smirk on my face and twinkle in my eyes is a dead give away, and the grin on your face is unmistakable … and so is ‘the look’ if it’s going too far for your liking.

I think the difference between real sass and just playful teasing is obvious, playful stops in a heartbeat if the Bear looks unhappy …playful also doesn’t start if the Bear is not in the mood, playful is with permission and still abides by the morals and values that are ever-present … playful has no hurtful intent and if I’m honest with myself I know the difference, no question. Not that I’ve ever been purposely hurtful, it’s just not my style.

So i guess if you’re in the mood tonight we might just find out if a smart @ss bunny ends up with an @ss that smarts!!! LOL Image result for cartoon spanking funny

Love You Sir ❤



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