A Good Man

Sir and I went to a ‘concert’ last night, I use that term very loosely! It started out okay, nice actually, there was a 60’s/70’s band playing. They did a lot of old-time favourites of course and the show was quite enjoyable …. then it came time for the main attraction!

Well he should have been the main attraction I was very much looking forward to it most of the summer! We have a concert on the commons every Friday night throughout the summer in our city and this weekend it was an Elvis impersonator! I love Elvis maybe more than Oprah and bread! πŸ˜‰

Well this particular old man was not at all worth watching! I’m sorry I really try to be optimistic and look at the bright side and positive in all situations but this one!! Well, I’m afraid the ‘show’ if you could call it that was just terrible …. Β He did have a CD of Elvis playing in the background so I suppose that was one saving grace. LOL

We took the dog up town with us, had a nice walk to get there, we were able to enjoy the first group playing for an hour and we had a nice walk home. The free time with Sir is always nice and the dog got to experience a lot of commotion and new sights (like wheelchairs) and learnt to deal with them so that was also a positive.

All and all the evening was nice but my point in all this is …. Sir never complained, never commented on what a ‘waste’ it might have seemed like and looked perfectly pleased to be escorting me out, even if the evening didn’t turn out quite as planned. We had a few chuckles about the poor old man trying to pull off Elvis (once I asked Him if we could please leave) and we had a lot of fun looking at the different sites and architecture on our way home! πŸ™‚

Once we got home it was time to feed the kids and ourselves, in the rush to leave for the concert and with such a crazy week just past I hadn’t really had any dinner planned, so Sir picked up subs, we ate a nice simple dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening until bed …

master-randy-paul: β€œA good Man, a good Dominant. ”

Love You Sir ❀


7 thoughts on “A Good Man

      1. Thanks! We did go private for a while for a variety of reasons. The time has been good for refocusing. I think Sir is giving serious consideration to opening it back up in Oct. Thank you. Friends and support is always nice and so appreciated! -belle

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  1. I completely agree – when I brought the idea of D/s to Sir He thought I was a bit off my rocker, He figured I was strong on my own and He really didn’t think of Himself as my Dominant. It was all the qualities of a good, kind and patient man that I knew, and the strength to never give up. The only thing He didn’t have was the understanding that I wanted Him to lead me …. now He does and we’ve never looked back!

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