I figured out my own guilt long ago, I put it into perspective and I moved forward …

There is not much now that I feel guilty for doing, most of it stems from taking from Sir instead of giving but honestly most of that is gone too.

I’ve given myself parameters and core rules to follow, it helps to have those when you are caught in the thick of it. Life is like one large BDSM stage, if you have it all talked over and agreed upon before you start, all you need now do is follow your own limits!

If you disregard them you will surely regret it, but if you don’t you will be happy and fulfilled and continue to grow ….

BDSM is almost a natural state for me …. very surprised I didn’t start it sooner! (Well maybe I did, but it was self-administered and not at all safe.)

With experience comes wisdom I guess ….

Love You Sir ❤



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