Because He knows …

Rules, I haven’t got many of them really. I have some but outside of kinky ones the rest are really few and far between. I think the reason I don’t have many rules is because my Sir already knows that I respect Him and will obey, no question, no complaint.

The idea of rules I think (in any situation, not kink) is to keep you from straying, to keep you safe and to teach you right from wrong …. so if you are already doing all these things anyway, what rules can there possibly be to add?

Our rules are more in the ‘spirit of’ than the ‘letter of the law’ … I know that Sir does not want me hurt (kink aside) so if following through would cause harm (physical or emotional) then the rule is put aside until such time as He can be made aware and make a decision. Rule # 1 is to protect nijntje, if I’m an @ss about that to follow some rule, well then I WOULD be in trouble! The spirit of, He knows if it was an honest concern or just an ‘I can’t be bothered right now’.  There is a big difference …..

I would get in trouble for doing too much, not the other way around …. any of you who are like me know just how hard it is to stop. This is probably the truest and biggest rule I have, and the hardest one to follow …. but at the end of the day it’s also the most fulfilling because not only do I get to please Sir, I also learn that I am worth while caring for.

So there might not be many, but they sure can be challenging!!!

Love You Sir ❤

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