Enough Already

Let me start off by saying I know that submission is a lot of work and that so too is dominance. I also know that I may be a bit more comfortable, in tune with, submerged in, further ahead (not sure what choice of words to use that won’t set people off) than most when it comes to my dynamic and my husband, we’ve worked hard and been completely honest and open with each other in order to get here.

This post is in no way related to this blog specifically BUT I’m really getting tired of basically being told that if I was in a different situation, or if my husband had had a different thing going on at the time we too would have faltered or had issues or whatever ….

How do you know? That’s my question …. how the heck would you know that we still couldn’t have managed to keep it together, maintain our dynamic and continue to move forward?

Stop assuming that just because I said I wouldn’t put anything on hold that I am implying you are failing … and stop assuming that I just happen to have it easy and if things were different I would need to change!

I don’t have it easy, I have a lot of crap to deal with around me and so too does Sir, but we do keep it together and we don’t ever put anything on hold, and that’s the truth.

I’m not saying anyone is any less or that we are any more than … I’m saying we have figured it out. If you can’t be happy for me then just leave me alone!

And lastly, stop assuming that any of my writing is about you …. if you have also figured it out then Congratulations! And if you haven’t then stop hatin’ on me because i have.

I’m not going to be putting any more disclosures on any more of my posts. These are for Sir, The way we are and how we live …. if it makes you feel like you should do more, then do more but stop thinking I’m talking about you, because I’m not!

Love You Sir ❤

8 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. Love this. We are the same. Our D/s does not get put on hold for anything. We have been through terrible times, family crisis, death, and plenty of moments of feeling like I am failing. For us, we try to use our D/s as a tool to help get past those things rather than see it as an incumbrance to dealing with ‘real life’. This is real life for us; 24.7. -belle

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    1. Thanks! 😀 and congrats to you too!
      We work our *sses off to make sure we can keep it together and I’m tired of feeling like I can’t be proud of it because someone else might get their feelings hurt.
      From now on I’m going to celebrate our accomplishments and if someone wants to take it as a strike on them, that’s their problem because that’s not what I said. 🙂


      1. You see this run across topics, people, socioeconomic brackets, etc. Green is not a color that suits anyone. 🙂 Our society has become so politically correct in its desire to coddle everyone that refuses to do for themselves that it has become taboo to be proud of accomplishments. Happy about a job, your salary, your degree, your anniversary, your child’s grades or scholarship, etc, be careful how much you show it because you might offend someone that doesn’t have these things and has no interest in working for them.
        You are absolutely right, to make a dynamic like this work you have to work your @ss off day in and day out, when you do not feel like it, when it isn’t sexy, when you feel angry or tired or frustrated. I was once told on another site that ’24/7′ did not exist, it was not possible, and the dynamics there should not be referred to as such. My Dom is very dedicated to this lifestyle and the only result in me not living up to what I agreed is a firm talking, a paddling, and tears; honestly, when I fall out of my role I long for him to snap me back. I have no interest in being our old vanilla ‘life is too busy to make my spouse a priority’ self again. Be proud. Do not let anyone take that away from you. It is their own insecurities bubbling up and they are taking it out on you. That is their problem….make sure you let them keep it. 🙂 -belle

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      2. Here, here!! I completely agree, a large part of society is more than eager to blame their short comings on everything and everyone but themselves. Those of us who do put in the hard work and dedication and refuse to accept excuses or defeat will often get backlash! I say if you want it, go get it ….enough with the blame game!
        And it’s very refreshing and a pleasure to meet you belle! 😀

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  2. I have just recently read some of your blog in the last couple of weeks. You seem very upset or angry of recent. I could totally be wrong. I am not sure if it has to do with someone that has a difference of opinion or personal experience or maybe someone is really harassing you. I certainly hope not. I do not see people usually judging anyone or really comparing in blogland or in but one chat place I have visited. That was more of you have to do it this way kinda place or that was my take on it. I haven’t went back there in a very long time. I have seen where people might state a difference of opinion or differences they have noticed in other blogs or maybe their own relationship. I know for me if my husband & I are “OFF” which has happened in our relationship, it makes me no less than anyone else. I am not sure where the comments on others “shortcomings” came from. I see most people as encouraging and most I know would be celebrating accomplishments with you. I think differences are fine for me anyway. It is not necessary for anyone to agree with me, I know what works for “us”. I do think having differences though can also be enlightening at times. It can make for great discussions and does not have to be a debate. I have learned much from people that are very different than I am. I am by no means an expert as no one is except maybe in their own relationship. I do not offer advice I simply might state we tried this and it helped or we tried this and it was a total fail if someone asks me. Maybe it would be better if someone has a difference of opinion it would be best not to post it on that persons blog maybe have a discussion about it in a different forum I don’t know.

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    1. I’m afraid that my frustrations are due to some specific people and specific comments, one wrote some very nasty things.
      I’m afraid most of it won’t be found on here and I’m sure there is a good deal of confusion as to why I’m so upset. I have no intention of carrying on with this business so I won’t bother to say where or what …
      That being said, they are now gone (no longer following me) and I’m now done with it …. in general I’m a very happy and cheerful person, I didn’t like what I was becoming either!


  3. I am happy that you decided to move on basically. I did go & read your other blog, I see where you have been through a lot. I also see a pattern of sorts and I am glad you seem to have control on what you want & how you want to live. As small as the community can be it is a shame when things are said or things are taken out of context. I think we can misread one another, I think we can be sensitive at times, and for me I can just be Bitchy at times. I think it best to be open minded, and less opinionated. (This is not me saying you are, just my thoughts) I myself am working very hard at that, I have totally Failed this week with an individual. I do believe what I said was correct however I certainly could have said it well nicer. I hope your week is a wonderful one and you have peace & tranquility.

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