Not much ….

Nothing much to report today Sir, nothing much interesting going on. Mentally I’m starting to get back to myself again, every so often the thought occurs to me that I no longer have any living grandparents. That’s kind of odd, stop you in your tracks feeling for me …. I didn’t have the feeling that I might get ‘the call’ at any time through the night last night so perhaps my subconscious has come to terms with the loss too.

I have been fighting a low-grade fever and now my tummy really feels crappy. I think I might have caught something! Not great timing since the funeral is today. Let’s hope the ginger works.

My last spanking wasn’t that long ago and due to a lot of different factors I ended up with some bruising, I normally don’t since starting the skin care routine. It was likely due to stress and the fact that I was just starting my cycle I assume, but that’s just a guess. Everything else was the same as always so it’s the only thing that makes sense.

The spanking hurt a lot more than usual and left a lot more marks than usual and the after effects lasted longer than usual too! (I had a good amount of sting and tenderness for a few days later, that is fairly uncommon.) I’m not complaining, I’m just noting …. I actually quite enjoyed that fact.

Anyway, although it hasn’t been long and I might still have a few marks left over I think I could use just a bit more OTK time with you. Not sure if or when that could happen right now but I think I could use it. Last time it wasn’t OTK and I was hoping perhaps this time it could be Sir.

Love You Always ❤

5 thoughts on “Not much ….

    1. Oh sure, that’s no problem. I have always bruised very easily and after menopause symptoms started my skin only got drier and more itchy. Eventually I started getting some terrible paddle rash no matter how careful we were, no matter what tool/toy we used etc. Sir has always been very good about warm ups but even His hand started to give me ‘paddle rash’.
      Arnica is normally very good at reducing the bruising and swelling but it only made things worse for me, much worse! Needless to say I went looking for something preventative.
      Surprisingly enough the easiest and most effective way is simply to use a vitamin E creme twice per day, or more if you swim, hot tub etc. After about 3 weeks we were able to play pretty rough and not only was the paddle rash taken care of but I noticed that my bruising was pretty much gone too!
      I use the St. Ives ‘hydrate’ but Walmart has one too and neither of them leave your skin ‘greasy’. Just make sure it specifically says vitamin E! They run about $5 for 600ml, can’t beat the price or the surprising effectiveness! 😀

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      1. Our terribly cold, dry winters don’t help at all … but even now I use it and my skin is ridiculously soft! Sir loves it! 😀 I used stuff before but it just didn’t seem to work the same. Good Luck!

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