Now more than ever

I wanted to tell you what I see and how I see this D/s in our lives Sir and feel free to let me know if I’m way off the mark. I had a terrible night’s sleep for a variety of reasons but I will try to keep this as intelligible as possible.

I suppose I always have run against the grain and in this I am no different, I hazard to say that in you I have found the perfect ‘partner in crime’. The common consensus (at least that I have been able to find) is that when the going gets tough and things get complicated in life for one or both partners, then the D/s aspect is often toned down or put aside until which time the couple/person chooses to reset and restart.

That might be the general way of it but I’m going to suggest that it is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing, and it is the opposite of what we do. The more complicated and more difficult things get around us the more we rely on the D/s aspects of our lives to pull us together and make it through.

Being in charge and being my dominant gives you confidence and determination. Knowing that I am looking to you and counting on you gives you the will and power to keep going and struggle through whatever it is that is trying to bring you down. Because you know I trust you enough and need you enough and count on you enough you refuse to let yourself give in or give up.

No matter how crazy or how hard things get around you, knowing that you have me here waiting gives you balance and structure in an otherwise unbalanced world. Being my dominant keeps you grounded and fulfilled, putting that aside when times get tough would only serve to defeat and tear you down faster than any stresses. Keeping your role in this home consistent makes all the other chaos easier to manage, not harder.

Being your submissive, even in trying times gives me strength and peace. Knowing I have at least this much that I can count on and rely on gives me balance in life when everything else around me is in chaos. The more crazy and complicated things get out there the more I count on and rely on the consistency and structure in ‘here’.

Continuing to be my Sir gives you confidence and determination. Continuing to be your nijntje brings me strength and peace. Being who we are in the face of difficult times keeps us both balanced and grounded. If this is truly who we are, why would we put that aside in times of trouble? We run to our ‘places’ not away from them.

Dividing was what we did when we were still unaware of D/s and how it affected us, dividing is what we did when we dabbled with vanilla. Now that we know better we ‘bump up our game’ in times of trouble, it keeps us both strong and able to carry on. Putting away our D/s would be putting away our unity and strength, for us that would be the worst thing to do, not the right thing.

So maybe going against the grain IS the way of it, or maybe I just married Superman! 

I’m not interested in telling anyone what to do, I’m just explaining what we do.

Love You Sir Always ❤

6 thoughts on “Now more than ever

  1. I think that many times I read and hear about people who end up putting it aside not as a first choice, but it just seems to happen. I don’t think anyone plans for it to be put aside.
    I say we should fight like h*ll to keep it! No matter what …..


    1. Hi! Sorry to hear you are having issues with the RSS. I haven’t been able to find any settings through wordpress to be able to fix it/change it myself.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and hopefully you can find a different way to follow or read that will be less glitchy!
      Thanks for popping by! 😀


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