Just one of the benefits of a good spanking! 😀 I’m not sure why exactly it works (I assume the endorphins released have a lot to do with it) but it always seems to recharge my batteries when it is done correctly.

When your mind is with mine and your body moves with purpose the effects of a good spanking are really something I can’t copy anywhere else (excepting a full on scene) and the amount of time it takes is really negligible in the grand scheme of things!

It’s not just a mood booster, because I’m rarely in a bad mood or mindset in the first place, but it resets my energy levels. It makes my sore muscles disappear and it makes my tired self alive and ready to take on the world. I feel refreshed and bright-eyed, I guess we’re just missing the bushy tail!!! LOL

Busily waiting for you to get home! I have lots of energy and I’m getting things done!!! And yes my mood is good too … woohoo

Love You Sir ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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