Toys, toys, toys ….

If I’m completely honest I really could take them or leave them. I don’t have a great relationship with ‘toys’ in the bedroom.

I like impact instruments and bondage and the more the merrier but when it comes to other toys I guess maybe I/We just haven’t taken enough time to figure out how to use them so that I/We enjoy them …

I would like to try to play more sensually, I would like to play with the variety of toys that we have and try to figure out which ones we like and which ones perhaps we could incorporate more often into play! 😀

I know for certain that I am not interested in ‘the magic wand’, the idea turns me off completely Sir! (I know you already know this, it’s more for the benefit of other readers.) It seems like a cheap, hurry up and get it done means to an end to me. If you can’t be bothered to work with my mind and body to get me off then just don’t bother. Incorporated into some impact play or the like, sure, but just to hold it there until it works, well no thank you!

I would like to play, I would like to explore and I would like to have fun just experimenting and trying new things, or things we just haven’t gone back to in a while. I know my body is forever changing and so I would like to change with it …

I think I’m confident enough now to be honest about what I like and what I don’t, I can communicate to you my desires (perhaps with a bit of coaxing) and likes and we can have fun with this together?

Can’t wait to see what you decide Sir! Happy Friday!!

Love You Always ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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