Happy Friday Eve Sir!

Getting excited for the weekend again 😀 you did a good job of helping me shake the grumpies … I like it much better this way!

Is it bad that I want it all? I want the deep meaningful connection, and I want to be everything for you and make sure all your needs are met AND I want you to rock my world in bed, and make me the happiest girl on the planet!

Sometimes I get the impression that a few people out there think you can’t do both. Why can’t I be at your service and meet your every need at the same time have all mine met as well? Where is it written that you can only either serve successfully or take care of yourself successfully? Of all the books ever burnt, I say that should have been one …!

As for me, I’m perfectly happy being perfectly happy and meeting all your needs and desires at the same time. But then, I never was one to follow the crowd ….

Love You Always Sir ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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