Things that make you Sir …

I’ve been thinking about the truly important things that make you my dominant, my Sir. The things that mean so much more than kink or sex or formal protocols …

Being a dominant is a lot of hard work, at least being my dominant is. I don’t follow just anyone … hell I don’t follow anyone period! If you’re not good enough, no I won’t follow you! It’s that simple. I’m a warrior, I’m a dominant and YES my dominant has to have all those qualities and more for me to be submissive, for me to follow HIM.

Some might say that maybe I’m not a true submissive, well maybe you’re right, I’m not! To anyone else I wouldn’t be. There is only one for me, there is only you Sir.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I reassess or constantly challenge or need to forever decide to submit. That is not the warrior personality at all, once I decide upon a Dominant I stick to my choice, but my choice was not made lightly. I’m saying that it takes a very special, strong and stable person in order to earn the title.

Now that you have earned it you have excelled in all aspects of that title Sir! You take care of me emotionally and physically. You actively pay attention to what’s going on around me so that you can help manage and guide my way through life. You stay close enough to be responsible for me but hold back far enough to let me explore and grow. You pick me up when I just can’t seem to find the strength to keep going and you make me feel like your one and only.

You don’t shy away from your responsibilities even when they might make you uncomfortable, you don’t put me off and you don’t shut yourself off from me. I can see that you are constantly challenging yourself to be better …. and you make me want to be better too!

You are so much more than ropes and chains and kinky sex Sir, and it’s been much too long since I gave you a proper thank you!

Love You Always ❤

4 thoughts on “Things that make you Sir …

  1. Beautiful. Your perfectly captured the experience of submission from a position of strength. I love the way you write. 💞

    This is such a touching moment you’ve created for him… Thank you for sharing it with us. You’re both truly blessed. 🌼

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    1. Thanks so much for understanding, sometimes I feel like I need to ‘explain’ how I can be both dominant in life and submissive to Him … and I’m not always sure I’m getting the words across to do Him justice in how hard He works and how strong He is.
      BTW your writing is also wonderful in helping me to understand the thoughts and ideas of others … and I’m sure I’m not alone in that! 😀

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  2. Thank you for the beautiful post nijntje. I’m so happy you like what you have chosen in me. I see the approval in your eyes all the time. You have made a better person of me and for that I am truly grateful. There is nowhere and no one I would rather be with then you. Thank you. To have someone as strong as you with me only makes me stronger.

    Love Sir

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