It’s been a year now that I have worn my symbolic ‘collar’. They are bracelets actually/ cuffs. It was kind of a fun kinky idea as well as a meaningful one. It was something we added long after we had already realized we were D/s, we were 24/7, we were not only playing kinky games …. it was much more a part of us then we had previously admitted.

I think it was when Sir truly and honestly took complete responsibility, complete control of me. It was when I truly stopped having any sort of ‘other plan’ when it came to my Sir and my life with Him.

‘If something doesn’t work out, well I guess Sir will just fix it. If Sir needs my help or input, He will let me know.’ These were and are the truest and deepest thoughts with respect to my husband, to my Sir. I really have given over all control ….

I have no safety net. If He lets me go, I will surely fall. Trust!

I used to play with, touch my bracelet all the time, playing with the screw, making sure it was secure. Sir used to ask me all the time if it was okay, if it was bothering me …. Eventually, once He got to truly understand me He knew I was just making sure it was still there, making sure I was still His.

I still touch it all the time. There are two now, W/we decided we liked the look of being cuffed …. a symbol of my commitment to Him, His commitment to me.

They are strong and secure but they are subtle. They are obvious to anyone who looks but not blatant or thrown in your face. They are a perfect representation of our D/s, of us.


My ‘collar’ hasn’t left my body in 1 year, 12 months, 365 1/4 days, 8 760 hours, 525 600 minutes …. and neither have you left my thoughts Sir!

Love You Always My Wonderful ❤




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