Take what you will

I have fought against this in my mind for a while …. but now I’m ready to put it out there on the line.

I’m not under any delusion that people will believe or understand …. but the info is here for you to get.

I haven’t been ‘in trouble’ in almost a year (for those of you who thrive on that) I don’t have any issues that aren’t resolved within a few hours (assuming I’m being closed off) and I’m quite happy despite my physical issues and whatever else life throws my way.

And it’s all because I view myself very much in this way; self actualized – and when you are done reading you will maybe understand this post!

It may help anyone who is trying to understand why I really don’t have a problem being me …

Sir says I should put my name at the end of that list, but I didn’t write it! LOL

Here’s to the ‘new normal’ Flutter! 😀


One thought on “Take what you will

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