And then it began ….

The very first time I remember liking the feeling of spanking was quite by accident.

I was still very young and was playing with a friend on the swings, she was pushing me, it was her turn and she accidentally missed on the timing and smacked into my bottom instead of waiting just a second more and pushing on my back.

The next swing back she got the timing right, much to my dismay! lol I guess spanking is not a new fetish of mine at all …

It took over 30 years and a very wonderful husband for me to finally admit that to Him but mainly to myself! I guess all the liberating of my womanly self wasn’t that liberating after all …

I do believe I am the most free in your chains Sir!

Love You Always ❤

2 thoughts on “And then it began ….

  1. This is something I never knew nijntje. I’m happy I can give you this and that you told me that this is what you needed. I really enjoy our spankings.I love the last sentence the most. To give you the feeling of freedom when you are with me makes it all good.


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