First Day of Holidays!!!

Today is the first day of our weeks holidays, well a week and a few days due the this Friday Canada Day holiday!

We haven’t had holiday time since last summer so I’m more than ready for some r & r and to recharge my batteries!

My goals this week are to work on my submissive outlook towards my Sir and try to find some things I can either improve on or just do more of, more often. I find physical actions that place me in an obvious submissive position tend to help Him grow and excel in this lifestyle we have chosen and with things going so well I would like to do my part to help further our progress.

Placing myself in these situations also helps to keep my mindset where I would like it to be when it is the two of us. My job dictates a much different mind space so I too look forward to these small physical actions to keep me balanced and centered when we are together at last!

Lastly, my backside is looking an awful shade of white! Sir is very good at warm up and pacing Himself so I often end up with no lasting physical marks. Once the redness disappears all my bruising is generally deep tissue, enough to remember fun times but nothing to worry about having to hide.

So flirty bunny it is! A little bit of naughty with the right amount of eye lash batting and I should at least get the chase started! Just like any animal, my Bear likes the posturing and the thrill of the hunt! This bunny just so happens to like being pursued and caught!!! lol

Come get me Sir! Love You Always ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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