I have a Sir, not a Daddy

I have a Sir, not a Daddy but that doesn’t make Him any less kind, or interested in my well-being or any less playful. It doesn’t mean we don’t cuddle and it doesn’t mean that I don’t get to be silly or trusting.

Sir is very ‘squishy’ at times and He likes to tuck me in to bed, one of His favourite non-sexual things I think. I like to look at things in a new and exciting way, every time and He likes to watch my reactions and rejoice in my joy. I can be girlie and playful and sometimes even naive, He likes all of that, that’s the safe place I get in order to allow myself the freedom to just feel, to just be and to not worry.

I don’t however need curfews or reminders to brush my teeth and I certainly don’t need Him to hold my hand and walk me to the ladies room while we’re out.

I am not little and He is not Daddy but that doesn’t mean we are any less caring or close or playful …. it just means I am not childish.

Forget the labels, do what works for you ….

Love You Sir ❤


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