Exhausted ….

Good morning and Happy Monday! I did not get the best sleep last night, the youngest was up until 4:30 am and the light in the hall kept me awake, I think! I was kind of asleep but not a deep sleep so I don’t think it really occurred to me what was going on until some hours of the morning.

By this point I had already had many episodes of the same horrible dream, over and over …. side effect of poor sleep I guess. Once I came too well enough to realize the light was likely keeping me from true slumber I also realized that the youngest was still up so I didn’t want to take the chance of walking down to shut it off and being found in my sleep collar, it wasn’t the pretty pink one the boys are used to last night it was the black one with a D ring in the front …. much too obvious.

I didn’t want to wake Sir (He has had poor sleep these last few nights too) and I guess I was kind of hoping he (the youngest) would be up to bed any time … it was already very late as it was. I considered closing my door tight but I knew the cats would soon be picking at it to get in or out ….. that would wake Sir for sure and I still wouldn’t be getting any sleep! My thinking is not exactly that clearest at 3:30/4 am with little to no actual sleep! lol

In any case, I really don’t have much on my mind to post about today …. doing the countdown till the end of the work day! 4 days till holiday, I’m counting that down too!!!

On a side note – After ‘playing’ this weekend I noticed I seem to have ended up with some broken blood vessels in the lighter skin just under my eyes! There wasn’t any real choking or blind folds to cause trauma to that area of my face …. anyone know what might have caused it? Anyone have previous experience with this particular side effect?

I’m thinking perhaps the physical exertion coupled with perhaps dehydration? It was a pretty intense time 😀 I certainly needed a tall drink of water afterwards ….  I don’t mind some marks from playing but looking like I got punched in the face is NOT the look I was going for!

Love You Sir ❤


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