Some days …..

Some days I just don’t like the way I look or how I feel. I’m not sure if it’s part of the chemicals of menopause, changing my body, making me feel awkward and making me think I look fat. I know it normally happens close to my cycle so I’m guessing it’s partially that and partially hormonal.

What ever it is seems to make me nit pick and be unhappy with just about every single bit of myself ….

I try to look at myself realistically and not stress the small stuff but some days it just seems to get away from me, just lingering in the back of my mind. Not anything overwhelming or unbearable, just annoying!

Today happens to be one of those days and it’s worse because I know I haven’t been able to do the basic exercises that I’m used to for some time now. Not on a regular basis anyway, so I was already fighting off some body image issues.

Looking at myself through Sir’s eyes always helps to ease the doubtful monster that lies within. I’m glad you have decided to start ‘using me’ for your pleasure when you see fit Sir! It only shows me that I am desirable and I do look good!

I know the outwardly appearance is that I am serving you, but this submissive thing has a lot of self-serving qualities too! šŸ˜‰

Who says you can’t have it all!

Love You Sir ā¤

One thought on “Some days …..

  1. You are always the most beautiful girl in the room nijntje. I know your hormones may play havoc with your mind but know that you are still turning heads where ever you go. This is part of the “show you off” turn on that I like. “This beautiful thing is all mine and you can’t have her” Please keep looking through my eyes because there is nothing more desirable then you. This bear will help keep the doubtful monster away.

    Love always


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