Humm, what to write …

I’m not really sure there is much on my mind lately that needs to be put into a post. I have ideas and suggestions I guess for anyone looking for information on what we do and how we live and interact but I personally don’t have anything I need addressed Sir.

Ever since menopause I’ve been nothing but a ‘horny teenager’ so I could always say ‘more please’! LOL But that’s not really worthy of a post or discussion is it? Short of retirement (and an empty nest) the only thing we can do more of right now is waiting!! UGH!

I am eagerly waiting for the weekend as usual and hoping my body co-operates. I am getting a bit squirrely but that happens every time I get close to my cycle so no surprise there either! I think I get more focused on how much we play this week because I have this looming feeling that we won’t be able to do whatever we want soon, so that sometimes makes me have to fight the grumpies. A good spanking always cures that …..

I have noticed how much DOM has become a part of you in every situation and every minute no matter where we find ourselves. That is even more satisfying then I would have thought. I hadn’t realized just how being so strong for so long was really and truly exhausting me …..

Love You Sir Always ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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