Sir has found a new kink that He enjoys …

I’m Excited ~ Nervous ~ Horny

Sort of anxious ~ Surprised ~ Totally feeling submissive

I know I’m His and I know I want this, I feel better this way, ….

but He doesn’t often come straight out and say ‘I want this!’

No question ~ No discussion

Statement ~ Fact ~ HOT!!!

(everything consensual of course)


Love You Sir …. ❤


4 thoughts on “Sir has found a new kink that He enjoys …

    1. Sorry darling, no can do! Don’t worry, it’s nothing ground breaking in the world of kink exactly … What it is, is the first real solo act of entitlement for Sir! It’s a bigger deal in that respect and that’s what I wanted to get across. :0


  1. Oh boy! I think that is a thesis on it’s own …. I will try to explain some of what I have done and how I try to behave, if you think it will help? you, others, to understand at least one way of getting there.
    In a nut shell, I think Sir has finally accepted both a responsibility for me and an entitlement – they go hand in hand! That’s a very simplified answer, but it’s the core. Would you like to hear more …? 😉

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