What happens when Sir isn’t Sir-ing ???

So, I’d love to say that this never happens, that He’s always on the ball and in charge and taking care of business DOM wise. I’d love to say that He is perfect and infallible and can pull this stuff out of His …ummm….hat? lol

Let’s face it, dominants are people too …. sometimes they get side tracked, or preoccupied or just simply don’t see what needs to be done. This is where I call on my submissive strength and carry on. This means the strength He has already given me when He is on the ball! I trust what he has told me, I trust that He wants to be there and help me and I trust that He wants me to be honest and ask ….

So I pull up my ‘big girl panties’, put my misconceptions and ego aside and I talk! I talk to Him, I tell Him how I feel, what I think I need, what I think I want. I let Him decide what to do about it and how to go about it, but I ask, talk, tell! Dominant does not mean mind reader, or perfect, or all-knowing …. but it should mean able and willing to listen, care and act once I have asked.

So what if He doesn’t act like the guy in the story book, or more importantly, the guy in my fantasy …. the guy in front of me loves me and cares for me, all I have to do is give Him ALL the information.

I don’t hint, I don’t pout and I don’t beat around the bush. I speak openly, honestly and respectfully and mostly I trust in Him. I might not always get what I want, but He always gives me what I need!

Love You Sir ❀


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