The other evening I had a bit of an emotional overload, a meltdown. No not anger or frustration, just heartbreak.

If I was not your submissive I would not have put myself in such an open and vulnerable position in the first place. I also wouldn’t feel so alive and so complete ….  I wouldn’t have put so much emotion into such a simple gesture and I wouldn’t have been so defeated and disappointed in myself afterwards.

It turned out of course, as it always does, that it was nothing more than a simple misunderstanding and to you at least easily fixed and forgotten. Your wife however would have held on to the failure (at least in my book) for a very long time, probably years …. but I’m not just your wife am I Sir?

You said ‘Give this to me to hold nijntje, let me take this from you, it was not your fault. Let me carry this for you.’

Your dominance over me is magic Sir. Instead of years of self-doubt and pain it took only a few minutes of tears and curling up in your arms to make it all go away.

I did as I was told, I handed over the pain to you to carry. I submitted to your will and you gifted me with your dominance and strength. That night is still vivid in my heart not because I was heartbroken but because of how well I was cared for instead.

Love You always Sir ❤


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