Oh happy day ….

I’m having a wonderful time living my life and enjoying this journey with you Sir!

I can’t help but think of the subtle differences in my life since we started on this journey of domination and submission. I feel like a better person (not that I ever felt I wasn’t a good person but I feel even better now). I feel better equipped to handle all the stuff life throws at me because I have you to fall back on and rely on.

This new-found freedom in submission gives me peace of mind and a calmness that I can carry with me no matter what might be going on around me. It’s like an invisible shield protecting me from the harshness of the rest of the world.

I just don’t seem stressed or bothered by the things that happen around me ….

I know what it is Sir!! It’s balance …. I have so much control and responsibility with so many things in my life, handing over control of me, to you brings me balance.

Thank you Bear! Love You Always ❤


2 thoughts on “Oh happy day ….

  1. Nijntje , knowing now how this has made you feel has made it all worth while. The fact that I can make this difference and give you balance is a beautiful feeling to me. I am your other half and we are a perfect compliment to each other. This is making me one very happy bear. I love you.


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