When the warrior doesn’t get to play.

This is partially a post in reaction to something I read and partially the other half of a post I wrote a while back about why BDSM works for me.

As a very dominant personality I can assure you that I never feel the need or anticipation of kneeling to anyone, for any reason outside of my intimate relationship with Sir.

What I do feel however is the anticipation and excitement of a throw down! Yes that’s right, I get excited at the idea of imposing my will or my sense of justice on situations that come up from time to time. I have a dark side that I keep tightly restrained and out of daylight ….. I keep it in check but every so often the opportunity arises that I can call on some of that energy and let it loose, even for just a little while. Enter situations and circumstance and all of a sudden my throw down has changed into a no show and I’m left trying to contain the beast within.

The overwhelming need to release the warrior within is the same and the frustration of trying to once again reign in the beast that has been awaken is the same but as a submissive to Sir I am not left with the need to dominate HIM but I am left with the overwhelming need to be dominated BY HIM.

If ever there is a time or temptation to misbehave or act out it would be in one of these scenarios. We call it spiraling or getting stuck in our heads …whatever your choice of wording the idea to me is the same. The situation generally gets more and more stressful as time goes on and the play needs to be very intense in order to once again bring back peace and balance in my mind.

My form of release might be different then Sir’s but the reasons and situations are the same. It’s just a different side of the same coin ….

If I can’t take ‘her’ out to play then I need to be reigned in by Sir ….

Love You Sir ❤


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