Laying on the couch this afternoon trying to give my back and hips a break. I don’t want to take any meds so I am resting with every 5 minute opportunity I get. Since my brain never goes into quiet mode I’m left thinking back on how I ended up here in the first place ….and it takes me to this thought:

Sometimes good people do bad things, it doesn’t make them bad people, just maybe a little lost. It is my choice to either keep pushing them down that path with my actions and reactions, or to try and call them back with understanding and kindness…. ~

I know I’m not perfect, I hope in those moments of weakness I will be given a chance to redeem myself. I hope to give others the same chance. Even if that wasn’t the case, what have I got to lose in looking at it this way ….. ?

Resting my back as promised! 😀

Love You Sir! ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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