Sir …

Feeling a bit like this … (not because of Sir)

Need to talk to Sir …. figure out my next steps.

That is the point of a D/s relationship isn’t it? If I do it on my own, figure it out on my own, then I’m not giving Him the chance to lead …. right? Not that He stops me from growing and moving forward, that’s not what I mean, I mean He gets to help me move forward and He gets the last word, He gets to be involved …. right?

These are the times where my warrior has to take a step back and make sure I am following, or at least giving Sir the opportunity to lead.

I’m very good at doing for myself so some times it gets complicated to tell where I should keep going and where I should ask for directions. I don’t NEED help, but I welcome it from Sir. Humm ….

Love You Sir ❤



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