Happy Monday Sir

Today’s shower talk ….

Sometimes I wonder why it is people go looking for things and then can’t figure out why they found them, why they are stuck with them, why they can’t be free of them.

I’ve always believed that you get just what you expect, and that you see in others exactly what it is that is within yourself ….

If you go looking for evil, you will find it ….

If you go looking for sadness, you will find it …..

If you go looking for despair, you will find it …..

Be careful of that which you seek, because you will find it!

The world could use more happiness, what is it you are seeking to find out here?

Love You Sir ❤


2 thoughts on “Happy Monday Sir

  1. This couldn’t be more true nijntje. Why is it so hard to look at the positive in everything. Everyone gets so wrapped up in the negative that they don’t see a way out. I think they may not look to the positive because they don’t think that they are worthy of it. They may not give themselves the credit that they deserve. I think having someone around them that has their back and can show them how good they are can do wonders for their self confidence. I know from my own experience with a certain bunny that I find myself looking more towards the positive and the want to allowmyself to be happy. I seemed to have rambled on some here but your point rings so true and so loud nijntje . This is something the world really could use more of.

    Thank you for this


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