WIN_20160515_144419Baking day today getting some muffins made and a rhubarb crisp! Yummy … I have a rhubarb plant in the side garden and the weather here has been great for growing so I have lots to work with and nothing else to do with it!

I normally have some big dinner planned for Sunday night but we have so many things left over that Sir said we should just do that tonight instead. I make a big meal probably 5 nights a week if not more, makes for lots of extra food even with Sir’s lunches taken care of first. So baking day it is …. the temp has just taken a turn for the cold and it feels really nice to warm up the kitchen, and house and with the smell of baked goods to boot! 😀

As you can see my life is pretty much the same as everyone else’s except maybe that I wear cuffs and my butt is a bit red and slightly sore from some play this morning! 😀 The good news is that the moisturizing routine is still working wonders for the rash and bruising, basically I don’t have either to deal with and we can at times play pretty hard!

I know Sir would love to have me running around baking with nothing but some heels and a sexy apron on but with kids at home it’s just simply not a possibility right now. I did however make sure to put on my white, very light weight track pants that apparently follow my curves just right!! 😉 I’m afraid that’s going to have to do for now.

Happy Sunday! Love You Sir ❤





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