Little Things, they mean everything to me.

I can’t tell you how happy you made me last night and I know you saw I was pleased but I’m not sure if you know by how much! 😀

When you said that you look forward to coming home even more everyday then ever before you made me very happy. I felt a slight bit of guilt because you said you’d rather just be home now then go anywhere else, I felt a bit guilty for causing you some discomfort …. but I figured you probably like it better that way so I kind of forgave myself! (My brain works in mysterious ways, what can I say.)

The other thing you said was that every time you walk through the door you are sure to find me waiting with a big smile on my face, and that makes your day. That comment not only made me very happy but it also made me very proud of myself!

Of all the kinky sexy stuff, of all the service and servitude, of all the rules and rituals … that was what made me the most proud. I think it’s because it’s not demanded, it’s not on purpose and it’s not planned. It’s just natural and true! 😀

I Love You Always Sir ❤


One thought on “Little Things, they mean everything to me.

  1. You are the beginning and the end to my day nijntje. Coming home to a place that I am wanted, needed and happy to be seen is something I would never give up. Even if my day was tough your smile can take that away.


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