In case there was any confusion on the last post about dominance I just wanted to clear up my view of my responsibility towards a submissive mindset and personal expectations.

Obviously my writings are going to be about my own experiences either in my daily life or in the paths I have crossed with others. For everything I write there are many other experiences and ideals out there that I know nothing about, I simply have not experienced it or found myself in any similar situation. Back to the topic at hand ….

I am not/ nor have I ever been the type of person to think things are owed to me. I have always worked very hard to make my own way and I have never put exaggerated expectations on anyone. What I do expect however is to be treated fairly and with respect. I do not believe there is ever a time for anyone to act cruelly towards another, anything you need to say and any point you need to make can be made in a civilized manner.

Toxic relationships and toxic people are what I would deem not worthy. I am careful to stay away from those types of situations because they do not help my mindset in any respect; not as a submissive and not in life in general.

My dominant would have a very hard time correcting me on something if He Himself was not able to fulfill that same expectation. Being hypocritical is definitely not something he could live with and therefor the expectation of ‘good’ I was referring to was His own expectation of himself. The post was meant to show just a little of the dominant view when asked to fulfill this role we are asking of them … and why some new dominants might be hesitant to step into those shoes.

The story about the dog walk was meant to show that part of submission is staying the course and stepping up our efforts when our DOMs have taken a step back. This is a huge responsibility that we are asking them to take on and in my case anyway my dominant puts huge expectations on Himself in order to deem Himself worthy of leading me …  This might not be exactly what I asked of Him but it is exactly how He took it regardless.

I decided a long time ago that He was worthy or I wouldn’t be here, but I guess that’s what makes me the warrior. I am quite capable and happy to go it alone …. I chose Sir because He is worthy, my job now is to follow but I won’t forget that it is a big job to lead.

Submitting to me means doing what I know He would want, even if He hasn’t yet asked me too, even if He’s not here right now, and even if He’s just not able to take it on right now. I do for Him because I feel it’s right and not because I expect it to be reciprocated.

I know there is a lot here left to be said but I think this is far enough for now ….

Comments welcome! :D

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