Feeling pretty good today and I don’t even care that it’s Monday! 😉 I had a wonderful weekend and I’m glad we got to talk too.

I guess I’m pretty good at compartmentalizing my thoughts and emotions, sometimes I don’t even know how much something is on my mind until I start talking to you about it. I’m feeling much better now …..

I even managed to get through a short text conversation with my mother without too much stress, that was pretty cool! I’ll be sure to joke around with you before contacting her in the future as well! 😉 LOL I’ve compartmentalized that part of my life really well! I surprise myself with things that I remember all of a sudden … only they don’t bother me anymore, but they are still puzzling at times.

It was a bit awkward trying to explain to ‘your side’ why I wasn’t seeing my own mother on mother’s day but I think I managed without too much fuss, and the conversation changed quickly enough. I guess if I did have any sort of strange feelings, that would have been it.

That’s pretty much it, easing into some exercise slowly as to not back track on my healing but I am starting to feel pretty good there as well.

Love You Always Sir ❤


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