Shopping trip …. but why Sir?

Yesterday was a tough day for me, physically I’m having a lot of issues to deal with and yesterday was a particularly rough day. Lots of pain meds later and I still can only walk hunched over until I get going and bending or stretching is at half what it normally would be at best! I haven’t been able to plank properly in over a month, not because of my abs but because my lower back is in enormous pain when I try! Not good for me, it’s normally part of my daily exercises.

Anyway, so yesterday you wanted to go and finish up the groceries Sir and I knew they needed to be done but I was hoping you would have just done them yourself and let me stay home. Obviously that didn’t happen, so I put on my happy face, … ran into a few friends and I think I was very pleasant, no?

Lots of smiles and small talk later we were finally on our way home. It was then that I asked you ‘Why did I have to come with you Sir’?

Your answer was simple and all I needed to make the whole ordeal worth while …. “I don’t know really, because I wanted you with me, that’s all!”

That’s all I needed to know Sir ….. Thank you!

Love You Always Sir ❤

3 thoughts on “Shopping trip …. but why Sir?

  1. I guess I just needed to have you with me nijntje. I have so much pride when I am with you. I will pay more attention to your physical state next time . I just wanted you with me. I do need you nijntje.

    Love Sir


    1. I tend to have a pretty good ‘brave face’ Sir – I’m not saying you should have known …. I just think I’m paying for it, and the mulch, today! :/ I’m glad I make you proud though!!! 😀 😀


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