Happy Monday! Just ignore the rain … !

Well Monday again, back to the grind of work and responsibility that tends to take all your time and half your energy.

I had a wonderful weekend with you Sir full of play and other productive activities! XD I’m going to have to say that the play was by far my favourite but I can’t deny that the gardens are starting to look quite nice … ! Maybe we could get a gardening slave boy/girl??? Yes ..?!?!

Umm, let’s see things I have learned/remembered this weekend:

  • I need to speak up a bit more and remember that you want me to tell you straight up instead of hinting and waiting.
  • You like a cheeky/naughty bunny testing your patience (as long as it is all in play and with permission)
  • I’m very peaceful when I’m completely lost in you and I hadn’t realized how far I had drifted from that spot – I’m focusing on staying there this time

I think that’s about it for today, I’m feeling a bit sore in my lower back and hips. Anything I have to do today requires that part of me to be supported because it just can’t support itself, just fyi for anything you might require of me today.

Just one of those days I guess …. hoping for a better tomorrow. Mentally I’m feeling pretty good and looking forward to your arrival!

Love You Sir Always ❤



One thought on “Happy Monday! Just ignore the rain … !

  1. I also had a great weekend nijntje. The gardens are coming along nicely. They like you are worth every bit of effort. I did love my cheeky bunny. Having you ask straight up also helps greatly with keeping me in tune with you for the times I’m just not catching on. (Yet).

    Love your Sir

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