I read an article recently about female masturbation and the fact that there is still a stigma attached to the idea that females like sex, and even like sex by themselves!

Crazy I know, how dare we females want to be pleased and sexually active and enjoy it? What a ludicrous idea that we might actually like to have sex … and want to please ourselves too, should the need arise!

It was kind of hard to believe with everything going in the the world and the amount of smut in TV and music available now a days, women still have to live with a stigma of being  somehow wrong for being sexual beings. I’m not talking about the older generation here still holding on to old ideas, I’m talking about today’s generation. Women in college and university still having these thoughts and ideas thrown at them as an acceptable way of thinking.

I for one believe that the more you know how to please yourself the more enjoyable your sex life with your partner (or future partner) will be. If you don’t know what you like and what works for you, how are you to have a chance in explaining it to them? Just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect! Right ladies ???? LOL

And if you choose to have no partner, what you do in the privacy ‘of your own home’ is your business. Don’t let someone else tell you what’s right and wrong for your body in something like this, that is frankly none of their business!

Go on ladies, ROCK your own worlds!!!

Not D/s related really but I had to get this said – Love You Sir ❤



One thought on “Female and sexually active, and NOT ASHAMED of it!

  1. Well said nijntje. I don’t understand either why there is such a stigma around this. Did the women’s lib thing stop short of this? Why are women still not supposed to be allowed to be sexual? In this day and age this makes no sense.
    I say do what ever you need to to be happy and let everyone else mind their own business.


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