Words of Wisdom – D/s included

I think for any relationship to be fulfilling the emotional investment needs to be the same from both sides. I don’t think it matters what type of relationship or what type of dynamic. The truth of the human condition is that if you don’t feel the investment is the same you will be unhappy, period!

This may manifest itself in different ways in your life. You might think your relationship, whatever type it is, is working but you will be unhappy just in general! You will be grumpy, judgmental or just simply always looking for fault or issues with other people and other situations. Nothing ever seems quite right or good enough, all because at your core you are unhappy.

I don’t believe that happy, fulfilled people are rude or hurtful or angry all the time. I just don’t think you have it in you to be nasty in anyway when you are truly happy and fulfilled in your life.

I’ve recently cut out a couple people who were just like that, always angry about something, always finding fault in any situation and always basically b*tching about something …. everything. There was/is obviously something missing in their lives that makes them have to bring others down in order to feel good about themselves. Obviously it’s not working ….

I don’t know if it’s spouse, work, family or friends but they obviously have relationships in their lives that are leaving them less then fulfilled and therefor lashing out in all other areas as a result. Perhaps it’s simply because they themselves are not putting the investment into their own lives. Perhaps they are disillusioned in themselves …. some people simply don’t want to be happy.

That is a whole other post on an entirely different blog!

Love You Sir ❤


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