Newton’s Third Law

The physics of a D/s relationship also applies ….

For every (submissive) action there is an equal and opposite (dominant) reaction … the two forces must coexist in order for the energy to be maintained.

In addition, someone must start the action or no reaction will be forthcoming to balance the equation …..

In a nut shell, it takes two! If one side does not act the other must or no energy will exist. Simple as that ….

(Being very scientifically liberal here! LOL but you get the picture.)

So we have gone through a bit of a lull in the past few weeks (month) with life and illness and lack of time or energy. I think we have been ‘at rest’ long enough ….   I for one am ready to get playful and cheeky and see what you do about it Sir! LOL

I’m not quite at 100% but getting better everyday and everyone knows that your mental state has to do with your physical state in one way or another. I was starting to feel the ‘funk’ crawling back over my head, not sure if it was chemical changes or just from being down and out with illness but either way I’m back!

I’ve removed some of the negative influences from my life over the past month and I’m ready to focus on the good that I have and the friends that are worthy.

This bunny is once again bright eyed and bushy tailed! 😀

Love You Sir ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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