Life vs. Lifestyle

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about what we are doing here and I think I’ll have to go back to basics. I don’t consider myself/us living any sort of lifestyle. I’m not interested in fitting into anyone else’s rules or rituals and frankly I am completely uninterested in pursuing this with anyone else or any where else.

My idea of the perfect scenario is more Downton Abbey then FSOG. I treat you with that type of decorum and respect not all sorts of silly games or rituals. I can speak freely as long as I’m polite and wait for the appropriate time. I respect if you have other things to do and I look to you for the last say on everything.

My life is more about old fashioned manners and respect then some lifestyle from books and players. You are Lord and Master of this house and I am the Lady of the house, not because I need to be submissive or I need you to take on responsibility for me because I can’t do it myself.

None of this is done because I can’t manage on my own, it’s done because it makes you happy. I do it because you are my husband, because you have earned it and because you deserve my respect. It may be old fashioned and traditional but it works as long as the back bone is trust, love, respect and open honest communication, then it works.

My submission is not a means to an end, it is only the beginning of a new experience. I don’t offer this to you because I need it, I do it because I want to. Your dominance is not because you have to, it’s because you want to offer this to me. We are both mature enough to carry on with or without it, we just happen to like it better this way. It works for us this way.

I have gained a liking for BDSM but frankly that has nothing to do with the rest of life. You can easily play that way regardless of what you do the rest of the day, they are not part and partial to each other. Enter bedroom submissive here …..

The other dominant/submissive rituals we are implementing are here because we like them, they work for us, they mean something to us. Everyone has to find their own balance in their own relationship and life. Some are just kinky fun, no one ever said life had to be boring! LOL

We have certainly found some interesting ideas along the way and some we have chosen to use and some we ignored but not because we wanted to fit into some lifestyle, because they happened to fit nicely into our life!

Love You Always Sir ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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