Well I think all the physical stuff yesterday makes sense now, at least from what I have pieced together.

After speaking to a few new friends (and Sir) I realize that A I’m not whining or complaining and even if I was to, it is my blog so be it! and B maybe some of these things are shared among others of us out there and it can be helpful to shed light or simply say ‘you are not alone’! Of course the main objective is to inform my Sir and He needs all the information.

So from what I can hypothesize all the crazy physical issues yesterday were a combination of my cycle finally deciding to start and the fact that I went to the chiropractor just this past weekend. I hadn’t been since 2011 so there was obviously a lot of adjustment to make.

Either of those things on their own would bring discomfort for a while but the two together made it feel like I had been run over by a truck and hit by a softball a couple inches up from my tailbone. Yeah, I was in great shape! It was a rough night of sleep, I had to use pillows to keep my hips aligned but I did manage some shut eye. Still feeling pretty rough this morning but I’m pretty sure the worst is over for now and with some stretches and exercise I should be back to my normal! 🙂

I am focusing on making it through my work day and then curling up in your lap Sir …. I hope you’re feeling better too!

Love You Always ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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