I find myself in an interesting position and I’m not really sure what to make of it, or maybe I am but just don’t want to admit it….!

My logical and emotional self says that there are good people out there, the world is not a bad place even though there are bad people in it there are also many good and trying to be good ones too.

My self preservation says don’t trust anyone, don’t let them see your true self, don’t let them see that you can be hurt. More to the point don’t expect any kindness and you won’t be hurt!

My logical and emotional self says this is not a good way to live, you will never be fulfilled and forever have a very hollow existence. It says that the connection and promise is worth the possible hurt and that no matter what I will make it through.

My self preservation says you might not make it through another weak moment. It says you couldn’t handle it when you needed to most and you have done enough damage to yourself. It says you can run, but you can not hide from the evil in this land.

My true self battles with these two halves everyday, and my submissive half says “Oh Yes I Can, I have backup!’

You help me be better Sir, you help me be open …..

Love You Always ❤




3 thoughts on “My Submissive Journey brought me … strength.

  1. I am very happy to be your back up nijntje. To know that I have helped you to be better and more open makes me feel wonderful. There is no one that deserves this more then you. I’m glad you feel you can face the world knowing you are never alone.

    I love you. S

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  2. Years a go I wrote a post, talking about basically having just ONE person in my corner ( my husband of course) and that is all it took. Once I believed that he was truly in my corner, then I was able to see there were many other people there too. Not only that, but like you I could open up more, and over time many more people were seen there as well.

    You know how yawns are contagious? Being open is too. Generally speaking, although not in all cases, the more open you are, the more open people are willing to be with you. Sure you still get hurt, especially at times online, BUT….it becomes worth the risk, being your authentic self.


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