Bratty Submissives (enter at your own risk)

I am submissive to Sir but in all other respects of my life I am not. When I sit down to a conversation with fellow submissives I get very annoyed when they are acting like brats! I no more find it funny or endearing then any other dominant out there.

If you are asked to do something by your dominant you should be doing it to the best of your ability and in a manner that would please them. If the task is for someone else you should view your actions as a reflection of what your dominant wants, because that is what it is. Being sassy or childish instead of doing what they would like with the task does not impress me in the slightest.

Your submissive personality should be just as important to you when talking to fellow submissives as it is when talking to your dominant. Your attitude and actions still reflect on them, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

My favourite colour is green, my mother in law’s is purple, if Sir asks me to get something for His mother, what colour do you suppose I should choose? At this point and time whining because He said no green would get me some serious harsh words, and pitching a fit about it would get me a seriously sore ass.

I don’t think your choice of dynamic has anything to do with it; bratty is bratty.

Notice how I got my point across without dropping any ‘F’ bombs?

Love You Sir ❤


One thought on “Bratty Submissives (enter at your own risk)

  1. Funny you mention behavior reflecting on one’s Dominant. I am always very aware of this aspect… And I have to agree with bratty being bratty – unless that’s specifically what one’s Dominant wants, it’s pretty darn unbecoming. Ooh… look – no ‘F’ bombs here either XD

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