Is 7:45 too early for bed?

Sir is sick today, I mean really sick! Not the stomach bug kind of sick but He is fevered and sore and taking Advil and Tylenol to make it through.

He was stuck at work all day today and He works very early in the morning. He basically came home, unpacked His stuff and more or less fell into bed. That was around 4:30 pm and there He has been ever since. I asked before He fell asleep if I should wake Him for dinner and He said no, not a good sign.

So now here I sit, not much going on. No real chores to do and I don’t feel like reading. To be honest it has been an ‘interesting’ couple of days and I’m not so sure I’m feeling really that great right now either. So is 7:45 pm too early to go to bed?

It will be the first time in a long time since I have gone to bed without my night collar. I can’t wake Him and ask Him to put it on me, that would be wrong but going to bed without it just feels unnatural now.

The last time He was sick (which really does not happen very often) He had changed my day collar to my night one before He went to bed. It was the weekend and I didn’t need to worry so much about work and customers. Today however I was still working, so today that was not possible.

The last time I knelt by the bed, even though I already had my collar but I wanted the rest to be the same. He was sleeping and I was as quiet as a mouse but I knelt, I ran through the entire ‘ritual’ in my head and then I tucked myself in. It still felt funny but at least it was finished. Today however, I’m not sure how to proceed.

I’m starting to feel kind of fevered myself but I’m not looking forward to bed, not looking forward to not having Him tuck me into bed, not looking forward to not having My Master change my collar.

I guess I will do the ritual with my day collar on, and leave it on. Only Sir changes my collar and I think it will be fine to sleep in for just one night. šŸ™‚

Feel Better Soon ~ Love You Always Sir ā¤

2 thoughts on “Is 7:45 too early for bed?

    1. I hope yours feels better soon too! It is amazing to me how much these small things matter when you are not doing them just as when you are.
      He ended up waking just long enough to collar me and tuck me in …that was a surprise but oh so nice! šŸ˜€

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