Menopause and sexuality

Well since I wrote about the torment of the physical side of menopause I might just as well write on the fun side! LOL

I am lucky in the fact that menopause has seriously upped my sex drive! I mean like teenage boy always just one thing on my mind kind of drive! Couple that with the fact that some of your worry and insecurities disappear and BINGO!

“Sir I want you to tie me up and beat me silly, please!” 😀

We’ve always had a good sex life, I have never been the type to NOT want it but this new level of ‘need’ is beyond even what they write about in books! The BDSM and D/s aspect of our sex life is the truly new thing and very much because of menopause! I know right? Who knew …. lol

I’m still very much a Lady out and about but face me in front of the man I love and all bets are off! The D/s dynamic has made it very easy to act and react just exactly the way I want when He is touching me because apparently He really likes it, what?!?!?  He doesn’t think it slutty or wrong, He admires my sensuality and loves that He is responsible for it. (Oh the crazy misconceptions we live with as women.)

So even though there are a lot of things about menopause that are difficult to deal with, this new found freedom and self acceptance is anything but bad! Mind you menopause only nudged me in that direction, the rest is very much the guidance of my strong and ever caring Sir. I just know that I kept myself on such a short line that I’m not sure I would have ever mentioned any of this to Him without the crazy, filter removing side effects of the menoBeast!

Add to this the hot flashes that have me wearing short shorts and tank tops in the middle of a Canadian winter and let the good times roll!

Love You Sir ❤


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