~ I originally posted this elsewhere but even though it is not D/s I believe it is every bit as important ~ 

I’m writing this because I keep hearing about it over and over and I guess I just feel like getting my two cents in on the matter.

I think if you are comparing your life and especially your relationship with that of others then you are doing both yourself and anyone with you a great disservice. If you really want to be happy in your life and with your partner you should learn to find the positive things in your life instead of focusing on what you believe to be the negative. People who focus on what the other person is doing or not doing are missing the point entirely if you ask me.

The only one person you can truly control is yourself and the only one person who can make you happy is also yourself. Chances are whatever it is you believe to be a negative is either just a misunderstanding or a reaction to your attitude and behaviour. Let’s face it, most people are not rude or dismissive of someone who makes them feel happy and cherished. I have found over the years that if you are not being treated the way you want it’s either because you yourself need to work on your energy in the relationship or perhaps you are in a bad relationship and should look elsewhere. Normally it’s the first one …

The harder you work in your relationship and yourself the greater the return you will get from it, and the happier you will be. Stop blaming other people for what you are not getting and start looking to yourself. Are you being realistic and feeding the relationship positively or are you just being impatient and childish? You may not always like what you see if you take a true hard look in the mirror, but if you are honest and start to work on changing it you will find it will be well worth your time!

There you have the Coles Notes of it … Cheers!


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