Sex as punishment?

I know that the book said it was done this way …. I know some think this is acceptable, but in my opinion it is a terrible idea!

For starters in order for a correction to be effective it should fit the crime and be useful in learning something. Secondly the human psyche is not made to function properly in this manner, it is not mentally healthy.

It’s either going to be processed as a hot kinky action because He is being dominant and in charge and you’re actually getting off on the idea of not being allowed to get off, OR it will be processed as a truly abusive action that violates you and your body. Neither of those are good outcomes if your intent is to learn and forgive and forget.

You may be able to kink it up for a while and think that it is okay for a while but if you truly want to work on a meaningful D/s relationship sex should never be used as punishment. Sooner or later when you are not feeling quite so kinky and He decides to punish you with sex you will feel taken advantage of and in worst case scenario even like you’ve been raped! You will learn to resent sex with your dominant and you will be worse off then before you started this journey ….

There is a reason it was written into the book, because it was viewed as a kinky turn on. You will either view it the same way, and really not be getting any sort of correction, or you will view it the other way …. and I can’t imagine that to be healthy for any relationship.

Another rose …. 

Love You Sir ❤


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