Sometimes it’s just …. life.

Sometimes I find it very strange that I am writing a blog about my D/s relationship, because at the end of the day it is just my relationship, not D/s or vanilla … just us.
When things are running smoothly and not much changes from one day to another it’s easy to forget that you are doing something that others don’t do. As I’ve said before, the core of my relationship is not BDSM play, it is just two people loving and living and trying to be the best they can be for each other.

I don’t consider myself living in a D/s relationship, I consider myself living my life the way I feel it should be lived. My values have not changed pre or post D/s labeling. Having like minded people to talk to, that value the same ideas and manners as I do has been enhanced by defining myself as D/s but only because it is much easier to find help and encouragement when you are having a rough day. But then I have never been one for labels and really don’t give a hoot about fitting in.

I never played the scene when I was younger and I never looked for a Master/Dominant. I did not require a list of acceptable behaviours to know how I should act and I do not need someone else to run my life for me and make me happy. I’m not trying to be or act like something I am not and I don’t want to recreate some story. I want to show my love, respect and admiration to the man I married, if you consider that D/s then great. I consider it my life …

Some ideas that are linked to the term D/s just happened to fit very nicely into what I/We were already doing. It was easier to find like minded people by searching the terms and it was easier to explain our views by using the term. Some of the ideas I found on how to further enhance the feeling/dynamic/relationship have certainly been useful but that happens whenever like minded people get together regardless of label or no label. Two minds are better then one etc. etc.

I also found it helpful in regards to getting ideas of physical actions to help reaffirm my submission to Sir. Sometimes you just don’t think of the most obvious things until it is spelled out for you. And a reminder of why and what you are doing never hurt anyone either.

So is it D/s? If you say so – to me it’s just my life.

Love You always Sir ❤





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