I don’t understand part time D/s …

I don’t understand the idea of ‘your D/s’ being on again off again, or only when outside forces are not pulling you in other directions.  To me it is a way of thinking and responding to my husband and in life really. I don’t change my ideas or attitude every time I have a chore to do or someone stops to visit. So what exactly is ‘on the back burner’? Your manners, your kindness, your willingness to try and please him and be respectful? Have you stopped looking to Him for guidance and support when you need it or have you now disregarded all His wishes?

I might not be running around in high heels all day long and I might not have had a play collar on or a good spanking in a while but I’m no less invested in my dominant and His wants and needs.  Dressing up and playing BDSM does not make you D/s it makes you into BDSM practices. Sometimes you might play more and sometimes you might play less, maybe your kink is on the ‘back burner’ for a while because of schedule or illness. Are you going to take away your respect and obedience because you haven’t played? Seems pretty petty and superficial to me.

If you can’t manage to keep up with these things because you have a visitor you may just want to reassess your lifestyle in general. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh but I have never been one to change depending on who is around or what situation I find myself in. I am me, always and no matter what … I only have one face.

I belong to Sir whether I’m tied up and hanging from the ceiling or mopping the floor. I want to please Him and make Him proud of me when we are practicing BDSM and when I’m working or at a family function. And if Lord forbid something was to ever happen that would make BDSM play impossible I will still Love, Honour, Obey and follow Him to the ends of the Earth and back.

So no, I don’t understand being in a full time committed relationship and only having D/s part time.

Play, sex, BDSM … probably, it’s not realistic to think you will be doing the nasty 24/7 – but to Love, Respect, Trust and Communicate 24/7, absolutely!

Love You Always Sir! ❤  24/7


2 thoughts on “I don’t understand part time D/s …

  1. Very well said nijntje. This is just a way of being. It is not something to be turned on and off when ever it is convenient. It is a full time commitment and I don’t think you’re being harsh at all. It’s very nice to know you would follow me to the ends of the earth.

    Love you always



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