Teaching my core values to my kids ..

I’m not about to tell my kids about D/s or power exchanges or any kinky sex play, that’s for sure, but as you may have guessed, I do believe in being a good person all around. Obviously that plays into relationships of all sorts including your spouse.

My children are very well rounded individuals who take the ideas and feeling of others into consideration before they speak and act. I haven’t had deep conversations about how and what of D/s and contracts etc. etc., but I have lead through example. I have always tried to communicate openly and honestly with them, I have always been attentive and I have always tried to take ALL sides into consideration before acting.

Likewise, they have watched Sir and I talk to each other and look out for each other through the years. We may not be perfect, no one is, but we do apologize for our mistakes and we do show respect in our daily lives to each other and to everyone.

Whether the kids end up as a dominant or a submissive or none of the above, the core values of communication, kindness and empathy towards all in this world of ours will be of benefit. The lesson is simple, be a good person – the teacher must lead by example. Just like every other aspect of parenthood, your children watch what you do, they don’t necessarily listen to what you say. It is never too late to start ….


Comments welcome! :D

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