What is submission? To me ….

Is it a gift? Well yes but maybe not as you would think. It is part of a gift, a gift to oneself. It is part of a way of being, a certain way of living and really requires nothing more then oneself. It is a way of looking at the world around you and within yourself for the true happiness that can be had in life. It is not about a Dominant, it is not weak or needy and it is not a gift to your Dominant.

Behaving respectfully towards someone should not be a gift, it should be a given. Being kind and honest, living with patience and tolerance of others should not be a gift, it should be a given. Not being selfish or immature, not feeling like the world is owed to you and your way is the only way, that is not a gift to others it should be a given. Live and let live without judgement or cruelty should not be viewed as a gift, it should be a given …..

Kinky sex is just that, kinky sex. If it is a gift then it is for both of you.

Submission to a Dominant means responsibility and maybe reward but certainly not a gift. Submission is earned after all not gifted upon someone. Having a submissive means being responsible for someone’s well being, for their growth, for their protection, their peace of mind and their heart. Having a submissive means having to be patient, to be tolerant, to be secure and always mindful.

Submission is earned in every way and will not last if the recipient is not worthy, Dominance on the other hand is a gift. It is guidance and acceptance, it is learning and growing for the needs and care of another.

My submission may be special and humbling to my Sir, it may be cherished and even coveted but it is not a gift and I don’t feel I’m doing Him any great favour. His dominance over me is the gift, and He is the one doing me a favour!

Love You Always Sir ~ and Thank You! ❤



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