Skin Care – Paddle Rash Update!

Well It has been a couple weeks now since I started with the skin care routine of moisturizing twice daily with a vitamin E lotion. I’m glad to say that the skin issues have all cleared up and my skin is softer then I can ever remember without feeling overly ‘greasy’ or heavy with lotion.

After about a week of maintenance we were already able to play pretty roughly without any sort or skin repercussions. I did also use the Arnica gel in order to ward off any bruising and left it to dry for just a short time and then applied the vitamin E over top with no adverse effects! If anyone is going to have a skin reaction it will likely be me … lol

I do use a wash cloth or loofah sponge in the shower in the areas that are more heavily worked after we play just to keep the area ready to absorb the lotion. It seems to be working well so far but not a lot of pressure is required so do take care! You are not trying to remove all your skin!

Not having itchy dry winter skin everywhere else is also a plus and I certainly can’t complain about the baby soft feel!

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